Dynamite Style’s Kennel is registered with Russian Cynological Organization (RKF) and FCI. Registration certificate # 6811.
is a breeding supervisor, veterinarian, cynologist, and breeding specialist.
The Kennel breeding is based on dogs sold to private owners that have from 1 to 3 dogs in a house. The dog owners that live in other cities are considered as a branch of Dynamite Style’s Kennel.

Why did we decide to work as a
collective Kennel?

We are against having too many dogs in an apartment or even on the private territory (house) as we think that every dog needs individual attention and approach and this is not possible when there are 10 or more dogs in one house with one owner.
More than that, our litters are being raised in the families where we have only one litter at a time. This approach helps to raise socialized good quality puppies which will move later to your families.
The Kennel Sharpeis and puppies never live in cages, do not have restrictions to move around the house. All of them are loved and well-groomed. They are vaccinated according to their age and veterinary requirements.
Our owners feed them with the super premium dry dog food or natural food. All the facilities and dog beds are being regularly cleaned according to the sanitary requirements with special solutions and antibacterial solutions including treating with ultraviolet light. All this procedures are very important for good dog health.
All Kennel breeders stay in touch with their puppy owners even after puppy moves to the new house and consult them as needed.
Breeding Work

The Kennel breeding is specialized on sharpei breed. The major task of breeding work in our Kennel is to get good quality puppies in accordance to breed standard as well as popularization of mini sharpei breed variety which is not officially recognized by world official cynological organizations yet.
The Kennel does systematic breeding selection of dogs as well as professional choice of dogs for breeding based on their exterior, health and pedigree analysis.
The Kennel has it’s own herd book. Every dog in our kennel has it’s own journal where it’s owner writes down all sicknesses (if any), pregnancies and deliveries history, dog’s behavior, dog show results and other events happening during the dog’s life.
We are also trying to be in touch and watch our puppies after they moved to their new families as much as it is possible for us.

I would like to note that some of the dogs from our kennel sold to private owners are co-owned and we use them for breeding. In this cases the breeder’s name in the puppy card of such a dog as well as in a pedigree and future litter documents is always and Dynamite Style’s Kennel – this means that the owner is a member of our collective Kennel Dynamite Styles’s.
The private owners of the dogs that were not co-owned with me could also become members of our collective Kennel.
Any additional information about the dogs bred in our Kennel you can easily get from me either on the phone or by , indicated on this website.
Kennel Services

- Consultations on raising puppies, purchased in our Kennel with detailed instruction for feeding, upbringing and vaccination.
- Help in selling puppies from the dogs purchased in our Kennel
- Help in purchasing dog food and accessories with good discounts for our kennel dogs
- Dog handling for dog shows

- Veterinarian services for kennel dogs owners

If you want to purchase healthy, well-groomed puppy with guarantees please come to Dynamite Style’s Kennel!
We can always help you to purchase a puppy from a breeder that lives close to your place. There are pictures of puppies published on a special page “Puppies for Sale”. Please make you choice! You can always apply to the Kennel for any kind of help and consultation. We are happy to help you in all possible ways!

Best regards,
Elena Semenova

Kennel Breeders

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shar-pei kennek ШАРПЕЙ шарпейчики щенки шарпея купить щенка шар-пея

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